Who Are The RED HAT Ladies?


One day, I was sitting all alone in my chair reflecting on my past and thinking about my future.  My children were adults. Although I was very proud of them, I thought about how I missed them no longer being around.  My husband had his own set of friends and interests.  He seemed to tolerate my fanciful notions and ideas; however he showed very little interest in sharing moments with me that did not fit into his agenda.  I couldn’t blame him.  When it came to going to the movies, seeing Broadway plays, attending fashion shows, and numerous other activities that primarily interest women, my husband no longer even pretended to go along with me…  He just said no, I won’t go!

I remember picking up the newspaper and reading about some wacky ladies who wore red hats and clashing purple outfits. Although they seemed to be way out there, I saw the smiles on their faces.  I could tell by the article that they were having a good time.  So I thought why I don’t investigate who they are and what they’re all about.

Thank goodness for the computer.  In no time, I was able to find out everything about the Red Hat Society by typing in their name and the search engine. Their founder’s name is Queen Mother Sue Ellen Cooper. They have chapters all over the world. If I’m 50 and over I can be a Red Hatter and under 50 they wear pink hats.

After typing in www.redhatsociety.com official Red Hat Society Website...I found a chapter near me and contacted the queen. Unfortunately, they had a waiting list...so I decided to form my own chapter...I figured that we would only meet once a month. I found all kinds of red hat items online and at stores...I officially joined as a queen of my chapter and proceeded to invite others by placing an ad in Craig’s List and our local paper...

Fast forward to today...this was a great decision for me! I have great new fiends and we totally support each other through these senior years. Some of my members have lost parents and spouses, we have all been there to help...So what are you waiting for?

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